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Includes: Avocets, Curlews, Dowitchers, Godwits, Jacanas, Kildeer, Oystercatchers, Plovers,Phalaropes, Ruddy Turnstones, Sandpipers,Stilts,Whimbrels, Willets and Yellowlegs
Long-billed Dowitcher - MaineKilldeer - TexasRed-necked Phalarope - MaineSemipalmated Sandpiper - MainePectoral Sandpiper - MaineLeast Sandpiper - MainePectoral Sandpiper - MaineShort-billed Dowitcher - MaineMarbled Godwit - MaineBlack-bellied Plover - MaineLeast Sandpiper - MaineWilson's Snipe - MainePurple Sandpiper - MaineLong-billed Curlew - TexasAmerican Avocet - TexasBlack-necked Stilt - TexasMarbled Godwit - TexasAmerican Avocet - TexasBlack-necked Stilt - TexasGreater Yellowlegs - Texas

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Charles Mason(non-registered)
it was nice to have a little visit with you both this morning. As it happened I hadto wait over an hour for my wife, so it was time well spent to meet and talk with you. Now I will look at some of your pictures.....
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