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In March, 2009 we travelled to Costa Rica. We spent a week based at Rancho Naturalista near Turrialba. Most of these photos were taken there.

Our expert guide, Herman Venegas, helped us spot and identify many native and migratory species.
Olive-crowned YellowthroatRufous-collared SparrowGrayish SaltaterBlack-billed Nightingale ThrushSooty RobinWhite-lined Tanager (M)Yellow-bellied ElaeniaHoffmann's Woodpecker (F)Barred AntshrikeTropical KingbirdFlame-throated WarblerBlue-gray Tanager (M)Social FlycatcherGray-chested DoveSnowy EgretGreat EgretGreen IbisCoppery-headed EmeraldBrown Violet-earGreen-crowned Brilliant

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